Oh, No She Didn’t! (Gentle Parenting 101)

My eleven month old is very active and I consider her my little wild child. My family probably think I’m crazy for allowing her to tumble, climb, and leap all over the place but she is approaching the toddler phase and those are just the things toddlers do.

I was prohibited as a child when it came to playtime; there wasn’t a lot of outdoor time and inside the house I was designated to a particular area to play in. Good for my imagination skills. Totally bad for me socially.

Playtime around my home has become very exciting for my family. She’s at an age where she loves social interaction more than anything (which can be very exhausting!) and its fascinating to me to see how much she learns from my husband and I.

But there are a couple of things she does during playtime that sends me over the edge. My child tends to wave/slap her hands crazily in and around my facial area and bites me in various places. When it first happened, I was shocked and immediately became angry. I felt like she personally attacked me. My ego said to jerk her away from me and give her a pop. However, my intuition stated to place her down, sit back and think for a hot second.

Placing my ego aside and adhering to what my soul was telling me to do had to be the hardest thing ever because human instinct drive us to act immediately without thinking first. It is up to me as a parent to “train” that instinct and act differently. 

So what happened next? She hit me harder this time y’all. And in my head I’m like, “Oh no she didn’t! Again I listened to intuition but also created a diversion. Grabbing her little hand I stated assertively, “That hurts mama so don’t hit me. Let’s play on your keyboard.” She looked at me for a moment then started whacking away at those innocent keys.

This is one of the many examples of gentle parenting and although its tough to do (especially if you weren’t raised this way) its takes patience and practice. What I’ve learned thus far is that my child doesn’t know she’s “fighting” me. She’s simply trying to communicate and just not sure how to properly do that yet. Her brain is still developing and although they look like little adults, they aren’t.

I’ll post more on this subject based on my personal experiences but for now, I must end this post because I can see my husband  waving his surrender flag. Smiles and hugs!





About blackzenmama

I'm a proud zen mama with an insatiable taste for journaling, comfy clothes, triphop music and Mexican food. Currently awaiting the arrival of my second child (due late July 2014). Smiles & hugs!
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