I’ve Been Nominated! {One Lovely Blog Award}

I’m SO happy to share that I’ve been nominated for the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ by  Chronicles of a Non Belly Mama! This award comes as a HUGE surprise to me 1) because I never knew it existed in the blogging community and 2) I never imagined my ramblings to be of any inspiration to anyone. It’s so cool how your words can impact another person’s life and I’m absolutely overwhelmed at the support I’ve received from this blog.

In order to officially “receive” this award I must list the rules and follow them respectively so keep reading and enjoy!

Rule #1:

List the rules. 

Rule #2: 

Thank your nominator. 

I have to thank Sammie and her wife Callie for their nomination! Truly you two have blessed me with your story of love, hope and happiness. You must head over to Chronicles of a Non Belly Mama and check out their awesome posts on all things unconventional parenting. Best of luck to y’all on your new journey in motherhood! (:

Rule #3: 

List seven facts about yourself. 

1) I’m the only child and yes, everything they say about us is true. (:

2) I’m married to my high school sweetheart! I married him at age seventeen and we’ve been married now for seven years!

3) When I was younger I wanted to compete in the Scripps National Spelling Bee but I only made it to my district’s spelling bee (two years back to back!).

4) I don’t have a middle name.

5) I don’t know how to ride a bike. I’m very much ashamed to say so but it’s the flat out truth. I’ve vowed to myself to learn by year 2017; not sure why I picked this year but I WILL learn someday soon!

6) Sadly, I don’t know how to skate either.

7) I’ve always dreamed of being a dance choreographer. No lie, as a kid I use to create dance routines to songs on the radio and I STILL remember them to this day.

Rule #4: 

Nominate fifteen other bloggers and let them know you did. 

1) Eff Yeah its Vegan – If you love to prepare meals for your family and are health conscious this blog is definitely for you! I love their kid meal ideas and the site alone is just AWESOME!

2) The Young Mommy Life – Tara has been such a huge blessing to me and I know that her writing has blessed so many other young mamas out there too! This blog discusses the everyday challenges young moms face and the author’s down-to-earth personality will leave you feeling as if you’ve known her all your life!

3) Mama Natural – This blog focuses on the health conscious family and I’ve been a big fan for a long time now. The blog’s slogan is “whole living in a processed world” and the author’s  “tried and true” tips makes living a cleaner, healthier lifestyle a breeze! Go check it out!

So…I only have three blogs that I nominate. I’m sure that won’t disqualify me for the award, right? (:

Thanks to YOU for reading all of this (LOL)! Smiles and Hugs!





About blackzenmama

I'm a proud zen mama with an insatiable taste for journaling, comfy clothes, triphop music and Mexican food. Currently awaiting the arrival of my second child (due late July 2014). Smiles & hugs!
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2 Responses to I’ve Been Nominated! {One Lovely Blog Award}

  1. It’s so romantic that you’re married to your high school sweetheart!


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