What Mama Cookin’? {Baked Italian Zucchini}

So, I’m back with a recipe that is sure to delight your taste buds. I absolutely love sharing photos on Instagram (I mean, who doesn’t?) but what I love the most is connecting with other people who are not only positive but are foodies just like I am! Sharing recipes has become my addiction; this one comes from a user on IG who was so kind to share it with me and now I’m sharing it with you!

It doesn’t have a name so I formally named it Baked Italian Zucchini. Sounds appropriate and you’ll see why. *wink*

Baked Italian Zucchini Slices

Baked Italian Zucchini Slices

What You’ll Need: 

– 2 medium zucchini

– Italian seasoning

– Olive Oil

– Parmesan cheese

– Marinara sauce


– Preheat your oven to about 350 degrees

– Slice zucchini into halves

– Lightly oil the front sides of your squash

– Season with Italian seasoning

– Place zucchini slices into oven on a baking pan front side up for 15 minutes

– Take slices out of oven and sprinkle cheese over the top (my fave part!)

– Place slices back into oven on broil for about 2 minutes or until cheese has melted

– And BAM! Dinner is served! You can bring on the marina sauce at this point and ENJOY yourself!


About blackzenmama

I'm a proud zen mama with an insatiable taste for journaling, comfy clothes, triphop music and Mexican food. Currently awaiting the arrival of my second child (due late July 2014). Smiles & hugs!
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