Fitness Friday Inspiration: Colleen Novotny

Today’s fitness inspiration comes from a busy mom of three kids (ages 10, 18 and 19). I had the pleasure of “meeting” her on my Instagram page about a month ago. Her enthusiastic attitude about everything health and fitness is so addictive! Colleen’s high energy emits from the screen and I’m amazed at how she stays so fit at age forty-two! She’s been so supportive of me on my road to better health and I’m more than happy to share her awesome story. Please enjoy! 

Meet Colleen Novotny!

Meet Colleen Novotny!

BZM: How did you start your weight loss journey?

Colleen: I’ve always loved fitness every since the age of sixteen; running on the beach was my favorite thing to do. After having three babies my body changed and although I was going to the gym three days a week, I wasn’t seeing any real changes being made.

A friend introduced me to [the workout DVD] Turbofire and Insanity!! I lost ten pounds and got my pre-pregnancy weight back! It was tough but worth it; Beachbody changed my life.

BZM:  You mentioned the term ‘Beachbody’ and you’re a  Beachbody coach. What is that exactly?

Colleen: A Beachbody coach is someone who wants to make a difference in people’s lives. I host free support groups, use the [Beachbody] products and share what has worked for me. People need to know that they are NOT alone in their fitness/weight loss journey. I get to work from home, get paid weekly and I’m surrounded by positive, like minded people. 

BZM: Wow, that’s amazing! Describe yourself using one word. Why?

Colleen: Wacky!!! I am not your average mommy. I love to be silly, have fun, dance, laugh and be different. It keeps me young!

BZM: So, what is your main tip(s) for losing weight?

Colleen: It’s so easy! Exercise thirty minutes a day, six times a week doing cardio and use weights with your workouts. Eat lots of healthy foods and stay away from the pantry; nothing healthy is in there usually!

BZM: Do you believe in cheat meals? If so, what is your favorite?

Colleen: I do cheat bites daily. For example when my family orders nachos at our fave Mexican restaurant, I will have several bites of them. I could never order a whole cheat meal but that’s just me. We all work hard and deserve a cheat; as long as you do this once a week and exercise hard the rest of the week, you should be OK.

BZM: Any last words of motivation?

Colleen: Do it for YOU! Be your biggest motivator and don’t look at others or compare yourself to them. It’s you verses you!! Remain consistent; it takes four weeks to see a good change and eight weeks for others to notice. Most people give up too soon but you have to STICK WITH IT by finding a workout you actually enjoy. I have many [workouts] for all type of people that I can recommend. Write your goals on sticky notes and post them everywhere!!

BZM: How can others reach you (Twitter, Facebook ,etc)?

Colleen: You can reach me at the following:

Personal Email:









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