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Spanking Ain’t Cool: A Southern Black Mom Speaks

There seems to be so much hype and controversy over the Adrian Peterson child abuse case that as a Black gentle parent, I only felt compelled to write this piece.  The following words are entirely in my opinion and aren’t meant to offend anyone.  … Continue reading

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What Mama Cookin’? (Toddler Meal Edition)

I love to cook and prepare meals for my little family however, I wasn’t always like this. I use to despise the fact of going into the kitchen to create something only to have my husband turn his nose up … Continue reading

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My LO Chews Up Everything! (Rant Post)

What you are seeing is a REAL photo of my LO about to devour what used to be our remote control. Oh, the struggle. I can’t understand why this child loves to chew on just about every household item we posses. … Continue reading

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Oh, No She Didn’t! (Gentle Parenting 101)

My eleven month old is very active and I consider her my little wild child. My family probably think I’m crazy for allowing her to tumble, climb, and leap all over the place but she is approaching the toddler phase … Continue reading

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