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Fitness Friday Inspiration: Colleen Novotny

Today’s fitness inspiration comes from a busy mom of three kids (ages 10, 18 and 19). I had the pleasure of “meeting” her on my Instagram page about a month ago. Her enthusiastic attitude about everything health and fitness is so … Continue reading

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Spanking Ain’t Cool: A Southern Black Mom Speaks

There seems to be so much hype and controversy over the Adrian Peterson child abuse case that as a Black gentle parent, I only felt compelled to write this piece.  The following words are entirely in my opinion and aren’t meant to offend anyone.  … Continue reading

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Simple Living: 3 Tips to Get You There (and STAY there)

Simplicity equals sanity. This statement has become one of my life mantras. My husband and I created a family of four in two years and collected a lot of junk within these years. Living simple has definitely helped me live … Continue reading

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Why Ditching My TV Was the Best Thing For My Family

In the “hurry up and buy” world we live in today, it’s so challenging to pull yourself away from all the distractions we are surrounded by daily. Before becoming a mama, I stressed about the things I didn’t have and … Continue reading

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